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Fridays are for writing about my faith and faith in general.

Matches, Music, and Masks

Sitting in Smokey Joes, listening to my buddy Jeff Sinclair rock out with his band, shooting pool with one of the ELA teachers on my team, Sam Spade, and eating dinner with a match made by my roommate … and … Continue reading

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The Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of Life is a song that I sang in my sophomore year glee club.  It was an upbeat, fun song to sing during which our director would let us walk around the practice room when our voice part … Continue reading

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Ad meiorem Dei gloriam (AMDG) means “for the greater glory of God”. My uncle, the Jesuit priest I’ve spoken of previously, taught me the meaning of that abbreviation when I met him in CA before our cross country trip east. … Continue reading

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He called his dad, pap pap

Why am I here?  I kept asking myself this question again and again tonight while I stood in line.  There are so many people here!  I hadn’t expected the line to be so long. On Monday or Tuesday morning of … Continue reading

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Some deadly thing

“My enemies whisper together against me. They all weigh up the evil which is on me: ‘some deadly thing has fastened upon him, he will not rise again from where he lies.’ Thus even my friend, in whom I trusted, … Continue reading

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The sounds of explosions, flashes of light illuminating puffs of smoke resulting from the firing of cannons, a subtle swell of symphonic music plays in the background as a female voice narrates Pickett’s Charge, all around me … nothing moves … Continue reading

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Why blog?

I am currently reading an article titled “Digital Access: Using Blogs to Support Adolescent Writers with Learning Disabilities” (Jones, 2012) for a college course I am taking.  I have to write a review of it for this Thursday.  I was … Continue reading

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