What’s a SRC?

SRC stands for Speedy Red Cardinal. I am not a track or cross country star, though I do like to run. I am not a high clergyman in the church, though I did consider entering the priesthood. I do have red hair. Speedy Red Cardinal is a nickname that was given to me in college by a fellow chemistry major and it quickly stuck, as most outlandish nicknames do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am the SRC and this is my song. I have always loved to write and it was earlier this evening that I was moved by the Holy Spirit (I think … maybe … Sure, why not?) to create my first ever blog. I hope to have many things to write and that they are worth others’ time to read. And if they’re not . . . oh well! I like to write and that’s why I’m here. Still, comments and opinions welcome. Live long and prosper!


One Response to What’s a SRC?

  1. Nice blog and I like the story behind SRC. Good luck with your blog, and thanks for following!

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