The Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of Life is a song that I sang in my sophomore year glee club.  It was an upbeat, fun song to sing during which our director would let us walk around the practice room when our voice part sang as long as we made sure to be back in our seat by the end of the piece.  Like I said … fun.

I thought of the song title when I sat down here, in this WiFi equipped cafe in downtown Effington, to write something for my long forsaken blog.  I thought at that moment “what has kept me from taking the time to write?”  The answer that popped into my stream of consciousness was both amusing and true: the rhythm of Life!!!

My life’s rhythm has been beating at an exhausting tempo and has left little time for any detailed personal reflection.  My teaching of late shows that with its preponderance of lecture based lessons and lack of formative assessments (excepting the one which I had to do in order to generate a list of students in need of remediation).  I have been preoccupied by a mild state of panic caused by my certainty that I’m not going to cover all I need to before my students take their benchmark test for this unit. 

My prayer life has been malnourished as well.  The homily at mass this morning reminded me of that.  I still pray daily my prayer to the Holy Spirit asking for guidance and surrendering my will, but I want to be spending more time in scripture and Ignatian contemplation.  I have a bit of a plan for that which I’ll share with my nonexistent readers in order to hold myself accountable somewhat.  My apologies to any who are reading this. I value and thank you, but I also don’t flatter myself by pretending that my writing is anything life changing.  As any writer secretly hopes I’m sure, it would be wonderful if my thoughts made a positive impact on someone else (not to mention gratifying), but I digress.

My plan is to commit the first 15 to 20 minutes of my prep period to reading the scripture for the following week and reflecting on it.  I’ll check in next week to proclaim my success or confess my lack of follow through. I also have a decent lesson concept prepared for this week that is student centered and kinesthetic in nature.  Having finally moved into my own apartment last weekend with a roommate, I have a sense of comfortable normalcy beginning to take root.

Speaking of taking root, one of my rose cuttings has begun to do just that so that I have to plant it into its own pot before long.  My activities with the local rose shows, apprentice judging and even entering an arrangement in the latest show, have kept me busy and connected with other human beings who aren’t my family, students, or coworkers.  I feel like I’m coming into my own at last with my career, personal, and spiritual lives becoming publicly intertwined.  I am singing in my church’s choir (a real choir with four part harmony and a professional director to boot) and have today finally turned in my registration card to become a member of the parish.  At last, my personal arrangement of The Rhythm of Life is sounding less like a cacophony and more like a pleasant and livable melody.  AMDG

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