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Ad meiorem Dei gloriam (AMDG) means “for the greater glory of God”. My uncle, the Jesuit priest I’ve spoken of previously, taught me the meaning of that abbreviation when I met him in CA before our cross country trip east. … Continue reading

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The Need To Stop

Originally posted on Mind's Seat:
Please stop reading and think for a moment. Can you guess what this is going to be about? If you’re clueless then you may go ahead and read further. So this is going to…

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He called his dad, pap pap

Why am I here?  I kept asking myself this question again and again tonight while I stood in line.  There are so many people here!  I hadn’t expected the line to be so long. On Monday or Tuesday morning of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Tabula Candida:
Academia is like a family– a big, wonderful, dysfunctional family.

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Originally posted on Tabula Candida:
For those of you who are wondering, that’s Herodotos’ Histories 5.64-65, 5.81, 7.133, 3.46, 3.15, 4.46.  And as long as you’ve got the book out, go read 2.121 for the tale of the thief who…

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My broken sex

Originally posted on David S. Wisener:
I don’t think “obsessed” is a strong enough word to describe our cultural relationship with sex. We worship it. And I am as guilty as anyone (contributing to the struggle I’m having with my…

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Some deadly thing

“My enemies whisper together against me. They all weigh up the evil which is on me: ‘some deadly thing has fastened upon him, he will not rise again from where he lies.’ Thus even my friend, in whom I trusted, … Continue reading

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