Sydney Film Festival – Blackfish review

Wow. If this is credible and the what the film describes is accurate, I can’t imagine I would ever go to a SeaWorld type park ever again . . . let alone an Orca show. More personal research into this is called for, I think.

the co-conspirator

diving with whales

The Sydney Film Festival has started! I have a stack of tickets to upcoming screenings, but I began my festival experience this year on a rather sombre note. Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a male orca stolen from his family at birth and forced to entertain tourists at marine parks. You might know Tilikum from this news story, which made global headlines in 2010 after Tilikum viciously attacked and killed a Sea World trainer during a routine performance. What didn’t make the news at the time was that Tilikum, and many other killer whales held in captivity, had a history of violent behaviour prior to that 2010 incident. The thesis of Blackfish is that orcas are incredibly social and emotionally complex creatures, and their time in captivity constitutes an unimaginable form of torture that eventually causes the whale to “snap”.

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