Why blog?

I am currently reading an article titled “Digital Access: Using Blogs to Support Adolescent Writers with Learning Disabilities” (Jones, 2012) for a college course I am taking.  I have to write a review of it for this Thursday.  I was drawn to it because of its novel nature, but also because of my recent decision to start this blog.  I wanted to make writing in this blog a daily discipline but have found that as difficult as other things like setting aside time every day for meditation and prayer.  Still, I believe it a worthy goal and a constructive discipline for me to have.

I had originally designed this blog to have subject matter categorized by what day of the week it is, and it may still end up that way.  For now, however, I  must first have my intention of daily posting realized before I let my imagination’s propensity for grand organization run amok. 

In this article I am reviewing, the author proposes that blogs can be used for teaching students how to write with greater success due to its authenticity.  Writing for a real audience produces better results than writing for a teacher-audience (Jones, 2012).  I have to say I agree.  Some of my best writing has come when it served a purpose beyond getting a grade.

I hope that my experience blogging can help me to implement it in my future classrooms better.  That is one reason I desperately want to continue this experiment.  Another reason is the salvation of my soul.  Don’t take the second reason as hyperbole or as being overly self-righteous.  I need an outlet that lends me a way to discuss my faith, that keeps me honest, and keeps me occupied when I’m not busy with my various obligations.  It provides me with a method for self reflection and examination.   I really was inspired to do this by the Holy Spirit.  I never would have had the inclination to do something like this on my own.  I have always been a fan of the quote from Saint Francis of Assisi which goes “preach the Gospel whereever you go, and if you have to, use words.” I have never been one to try and evangelize others because I believe God gives faith to different people in different ways.  Still, I have always tried to act and treat others in as Christ-like a way as possible so as to bring others to God by my example and on God’s terms rather than my own.  During that Easter Vigil homily, however, I found myself considering this medium as a means for putting my faith in words where others might be touched by them if they would.  If anything I have said or will say might lead another to God or love (which are one in the same) then it will be because the Holy Spirit moved them thusly, not because of me being clever or devout.  Best of all, if it happens, I will likely never know it so I can never become prideful or presumptuous about my role.  Let me do good in this world and never realize it, and I will count what I do as successful.  AMDG (ad majorem Dei gloriam).

Jones, S. R. (2012). Digital Access: Using Blogs to Support Adolescent Writers with Learning Disabilities. TEACHING Exceptional Children, 45(2), 16-23.

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