And so it begins…


“And so it begins…”— Kosh (“Babylon 5”)

For those who know who Kosh is or what Babylon 5 is, you know what kind of a blog this is like to be.
Science fiction is but one of my favorite subjects.  Today is Easter Sunday and Sundays will be days on which I write about about service, but for now I simply wanted to start this new adventure with a greeting of sorts before going to bed.  Here is a quote from the book I was reading moments before I decided to make this blog(the inspiration for starting it came to me tonight during the Easter vigil homily).

“Nonviolence with ourselves is the first rubric in the liturgy of love, the keynote of a life song.  Nonviolence with ourselves makes possible and inevitable nonviolence with others.
The sacred triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil is the school in which we are to learn nonviolence.” — Anthony T. Padovano    Scripture in the Streets: Reflections on Holy Week, Contemporary Spirituality

Peace and love to all.  Thank you for reading my first ever blog post!  Blessed Easter.

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